Enjoy the nature beauty of Veľká Fatra during the ascent to the top!

You can choose from several ski – mounteneering routes and enjoy your way on the top safely.

We kindly ask you to follow the basic safety rules and instructions so you do not put yourself or others in the danger.


Ski mountaineering routes:

Route from Hrabovo to the Malinné peak:

  • Route Medvedia cesta-Mederly cottage - Malinné peak

    the marked route for ski mountaineering leads along the educational path, which ends at the crossroads near meadow of Vlkolínské lúky, from there the path continues along the path to the Mederlička hut via Sedlo pod Vtáčnikom to the top of Malinné.
    Length: 6,49km
    Total elevation: 640 m
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Routes from Hrabovo to Malinô brdo:

  • Route Medvedia cesta - Malinô Brdo

    From the route of Medvedia cesta, you can also continue along the trail to the lifts in the resort, where you can follow the forest path past the Sidorovo Mini Farm to the Malinô Brdo resort.
    Vzdialenosť: 3,5 km
    Total elevation: 399 m
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  • Trail Modrý Zamat - Malinô Brdo
    Route with high difficulty, that follows summer bikepark trail.
    Route is available only with excellent snow conditions to avoid any damage to the summer trail and your skis.
    Length: 2,66 km
    Total elevation: 424 m
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Route from Malino Brdo to the Malinné peak:

  • Apré-ski - Malinné
    This route leads along the left side of the main slope (next to the beech trees), where there is a reserved part of the slope intended for ski mounteneering, which leads up to the top of Malinné peak & to the exit station of the chair lift.
    Length: 1,3 km
    Total elevation: 272 m
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Basic rules and instructions for ski mountaineering

1. Ski mountaineers enter the ski resortat their own risk and on their own responsibility.
2. The ski mountaineering routes to the ascent lead off the slopes from the safety point of view of the ski mountaineers himself and the skiers on the slopes. Ascents can only be made along marked ski-mountaineering routes and corridors. Ascents can only be made along marked ski-mountaineering routes and corridors.stupy je možné uskutočňovať po vytýčených skialpových trasách a koridoroch.
3.During non-operating hours, from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m., the slopes in the ski resort are closed due to work. There is a high risk of death injuries! Heavy winding machines and artificial snowmaking equipment (ropes, hoses and electric lines) are moving on the slopes.
4. Every visitor of the ski resort is obliged to follow the rules:
- of the White Codex (published at according to Act 544/2002 On Mountain Rescue Service §8a Coll.,
- visitor schedule of the Veľká Fatra National Park (published at
- instructions of the Mountain Rescue Servic (published at
5. In the case of a groomed slope, descend on the reserved area for ski mountaineering or use the edge of the slope.
6. The ascent can only be carried out during sufficient snow conditions, due to the protection of plants and consideration for the animals living in this area. For the same reason, it is not possible to bring dogs on ascents, which could endanger not only animals but also other skiers.