The green code

New track markings!

In the event of an accident, contact help and mark your location using color-coded tables with letters and numbers.

10 rules of bikepark

By purchasing a ticket to the bike park, the visitor undertakes to comply with the Green Code and acknowledges that he rides at his own risk and responsibility.
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1. Entrance to the bike park

Before entering the track, the biker is obliged to visually familiarize himself with the track, obstacles and changes in the tracks in order to assess his abilities to handle riding the track on a bicycle.

2. Equipment safety

It is essential to use a helmet, gloves, elbow, knee, spine, chest protectors.
The biker can only use the equipment in a state in which the manufacturer ensures safety when using the product.

3. Choice of driving direction

The tracks are one-way only intended for downhill with the obligation to follow the direction of travel. If you must stop, do so in a safe place, do not stop in the middle of the road.

4. Compliance with the label

The biker must follow the signs on the track and be careful on the sections where several tracks intersect. he tracks are groomed throughout the season. Increase caution on the marked section of the track that is being worked on.

5. Prohibition of overtaking

Overtaking is prohibited on all tracks.

6. Consideration for other people

A biker as a participant of a track in a bike park must ride in such a way as not to endanger the life or health of himself or others. And he certainly did not cause damage to property. It is necessary to keep a sufficient distance, adapt the speed to your abilities, the condition of the track and individual obstacles.

7. Prohibition of pedestrians

Pedestrian traffic is prohibited on the tracks. Sensitive areas are marked, but if you notice someone breaking this rule, let them know before a collision occurs.

8. Provision of assistance

If you see an accident, stop and help. The lives and health of others depend on you. In case of an accident on the track provide assistance and report the accident to the mountain rescue service at the number 18 300. Each route is divided into sections, try to determine where you are, it will make the work of rescuers easier. Or you can use app HZS .

9. Notice

The biker rides at his own risk. Riding on the track, as well as entering the bike park, is prohibited outside of operating hours and without purchasing a ticket. Prevádzkovateľ bikeparku je oprávnený zakázať činnosť osobe, ktorá nedodržiava pravidlá zeleného kódexu.

10. The following prohibitions apply in the Bike Park:

Prohibition of any activity except riding a bicycle. Prohibition of dismantling, modifying, damaging track markings, obstacles and information boards. No entry for children without the supervision of a responsible person. Prohibition of riding a bicycle under the influence of alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances and the use of glass containers. No smoking. No entry with open fire. Prohibition of pushing the bicycle against the direction of travel. Prohibition of pedestrians.