Operation of cable cars

The winter season is over from 28.2.!
Although the winter was mild and short, we tried to make sure that you enjoy winter experiences and joys to the maximum!
Thank you for your support and we hope to see you soon during the summer season!

Resort opening hours:

8:30-15:30 /until end of January

8:30-16:00/from February


NameOperationLenght [m]Elevation [m]Peak [mbsl]Capacity [p. / h]Operation
CH 210 Kinked lift10002381161900
DH 130 Lift9002601140900
ELV P1 Child lift20025955600
FLV P2 Child lift22032955600
GLV P3 Child lift25032955600

Enjoy more than 10 km of the slopes. The widest slope in the Resort is up to 80 meters The longest slope leads to Hrabovská dolina and is almost 4 km long. Take a comfortable ride up in the gondola & chairlift or choose the ski lift and do not lose any ski-minute by sitting on the chairlift. There are 3 children's lifts available for the smallest and beginners.

Malinô Brdo

00 cm - Unsuitable


00 cm - Unsuitable
NameOperationLenght [m]Elevation [m]Peak [mbsl]Capacity [p. / h]Operation
A8 KLD cable car17704159601500
B4 SLD chairlift112025012092200

Actual snow conditions:

Ski slopes
NameDifficultyLenght [m]Start [mbsl]Finish [mbsl]Elevation [m]Difficulty
1aHlavná - Malinô Brdo10001209923266
1bHlavná - údolná st. 8KLD 2900957535432
3Malá Mulda10501140900240
5Vlkolínska 8001140900240
7Malinová 168
8Detská 264
Easy Middle difficult Hard Artificial snowmaking