Enjoy fun and adrenaline while downhill biking in one of the largest bike parks in Slovakia!

Low ryder si back! After a longer break, you can again ride the trail that leads directly under the ropeway of the cable car!

The resort is located in the beautiful nature of Veľká Fatra, thanks to which the terrain and trail background are unique. The routes are mainly located in a forest environment, with a rocky and rocky surface.

The following track list shows the open tracks at the current time. Closed trail during the operation of the 2024 bike park is: Bidasken.


#NameIn operationLenght [m]Average slope [%]Elevation [m]DifficultyV prevádzke
1Asphalt road 43009,3397
2Modrý zamat 330012,1392
3Low ryder 50017,269
4Monster dog 160014,5232
5Intro 50015,477
6ENZED 105020,0200
7DH PRO 100019,9199
8Bidasken 80011,592
9Blizzard 41009,7392
10Malina 900010,0500
11Rozprávkové enduro 120009300
Low Advanced Difficult Very difficult

10. Malina and 11. Rozprávkové enduro are single trails along natural paths with fun elements such as flaps and small jumps.

Watch a short video about the center and the difficulty of the tracks in the bike park. It is a complete paradise for downhill riders and advanced bikers.
Thanks to the base of the trails and the high-altitude metro, which are in the resort the tracks are not suitable for beginners.

Modrý Zamat 2023

It is one of the most popular tracks, which was completely renovated last year. In addition, the final part of the forest was replaced by a new line that leads through the beech forest with flaps, benches, a gap across the stream and ends with shaped turns with a transition to the slope to the finish area.

Enzed 1 + Monster dog

Modrý Zamat + Monsterdog

Monster Dog je Flow DH, which is also after partial reconstruction and modification. Here you will find more fun jumps, fast traps, drops, rock gardens, sections with roots and lots of fun!

DH PRO + Monster dog