Scooters, mountain carts, E-bike

Experiences without worries and for everyone!

Have fun and we'll take care of everything! Try riding a scooter or a mountain cart. Or ride Malinô Brdo effortlessly on an E-bike!

During the season, reserve carts, scooters, E-bikes for a specific date and time!
Call us at +421 910 33 9922 or send a reservation by e-mail to:

Horské káry a terénne kolobežky

Try riding an all-terrain scooter and a mountain cart!

Stop by the rental shop and choose the right one for you. You can comfortably take the 8-seater cable car to the Malinô Brdo mountain, from where you can enjoy an unforgettable ride on a scooter or cart along the asphalt road, which is more than 4 km long. The average ride lasts from 15-25 minutes.

Scooters and carts can be rented in Rental, right next to the cash desk.

Scooters and carts are suitable for children aged 12 and over, but it depends on their height to safely control the cart or scooter.
You will also get a safety helmet and protectors for renting the cart.

The time limit starts to run at the moment of purchasing the service at the checkout.


Enjoy bike tours without worries and dare to go on more challenging trips thanks to the E-bike, with which you can also reach the top of Malinné without much effort!
You can find more information and types of trips at

Tips for trips on E-bikes

Map of the resort