Seasons summer 2024



Hiking season pass

The season pass thanks to which you can ride the cable car (two-way ticket*) every day!

Enjoy nature every day even during the summer! Take the 8-seater cable car comfortably and recharge your batteries in the nature of Veľká Fatra.
The season pass is valid until the end of the summer season, no later than 31 October 2024.

Thanks to the tourist season, you can enjoy relaxation in nature or active relaxation in the mountains for only 119€!

Bikepark season pass

Season ticket created for all adrenaline enthusiasts who love downhill biking and want to enjoy the bike park to the fullest!

The season pass is valid until the end of the summer season, no later than 31 October 2024.

Enjoy the freedom to ride and train on the tracks in the bike park for 249€!

Basic information about season pass:

The season ski pass is non-transferable. All ski passes are issued on a chip card, which is backed up by €2.
If you are a chip card holder, you can enter its number when purchasing a season ticket and the season ticket will automatically be assigned to the carrier.
If you do not have a chip card, you do not enter any card number, only the holder's name and date of birth, and you pick up the chip card at the cashier on your first visit.

*Tourist season ticket includes export by cable car for every day without bicycle - two-way ticket by cable car.

Age categories:

  • Children up to 5.99 years accompanied by an adult free of charge
  • Children's ski pass is valid for children up to 11.99 years of age
  • The senior ski pass is valid for persons over 60 and holders of ZŤP and ZŤPS cards (severely disabled person)
  • Junior ski pass is valid for persons up to 17,99 years. Not valid for holders of cards Euro 26, ISIC, ITIC.

If the chip card is lost, it is necessary to pay €2 for a new chip card and a handling fee of €7.
If the season pass is misused, it will be blocked and its unblocking is charged with a handling fee of €100.